A Lovely Reflection

Jan 18, 2018 by

A Lovely Reflection

In conversations a few days back, a friend told me a story about her reflection. About being a small child and looking in the mirror and really wondering who was behind those eyes. “Helloooo” she would say and wait expectantly for a soulful answer. Of course, the answer both came in a flash and was completely silent at the same time. Have you looked in the mirror and really tried to find the lovely creature behind your eyes? I know it’s been a LONG LONG time since I did that. I can do it for others, reflect the beauty that I truly see in them. I think that is something that draws people to me. The reflected loveliness that I’m finding after all the outer shells are peeled away.

But can you do it for yourself? I’ll bet you that’s hard. It is for me. The only thing I see in the mirror when I look are all my faults. All my cracks. All my lines and wrinkles and all the imperfections. Oh yuk, gross, just talking like that makes my skin crawl. That’s my ego, my unhealed, unrecognized, unexamined wounds talking, not the real me. Those are my gremlins on the loose telling me I’m not enough unless I … (you know, fill in the blank). Why do we do that? Wait for some event to happen (the promotion, the lover, the grade, the house, the, the, the … yuk) before we can really see the loveliness in our reflection?

I think it’s about time we vanquish our gremlins, to exercise our demons, to kick those creatures to the curb while they’re doing jumping jacks kinda exercise our demons. It’s actually pretty easy. I didn’t think it was, but after lingering in the space between stimulus and action today for the longest period (that’s the subject of another blog), I have changed my point of view.

You are lovely. That reflection in your eyes is lovely. I can see it, and if you let go of all of your nasty-ass gremlins, I’ll bet you can see it too. I know those gremlins are tenacious little critters, but you’ll be better off without them. You’ll have a chance to see the lovely reflection that I am already gazing at.

That’s it. No question to ponder today. Nothing to examine. Just go to the mirror, knock, ask who’s there, and see what I see. A lovely reflection.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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