A Real Fantasy

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A Real Fantasy

You’ve wanted it for so long. You didn’t even know you wanted it, but then suddenly you’re there, it’s there, and the fantasy begins. And it changes you. It ignites something in you that you thought was lost, or worse, dead and gone. It ignites something in you that changes you, moves you, won’t let you go back to that old world.  The fantasy has been given life and you shudder when you touch it.

The fantasy can be a person, a place, an idea. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, but when it lights up, you become alive, more alive than you thought possible.

What is it about a fantasy? Why does it taste so good? Is it the desire piece? Is it what I spoke about in my “Wanting is better than Having” post? Is it that the fantasy is always unobtainable so we’re constantly in the chase?

And what happens when we come face-to-face with reality? What does

The Reality of Fantasy


The Fantasy of Reality

look like?

When fantasy and reality collide what happens to the thirst for the fantasy. I guess I’m really asking “Are fantasies fleeting”? When the harsh light of day illuminates the fantasy can you still maintain that same thirst you had in the first place?

I’ve been pushing on this question quite a bit lately. Maybe all fantasies ARE fleeting … but does that matter?  When the daylight of time, distance, distraction, work, money, exhaustion dulls our fantasy senses, can we be present enough to recognize it and spin the desire to still want the fantasy?

So here’s my question: “When the reality collides with the fantasy, what can you do to ignite the fantasy again?” It doesn’t have to really bring the fantasy back to its original light, but it does need to let us actually appreciate the reality of the fantasy.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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