Are you bored yet?

May 15, 2009 by

Are you bored yet?

Well I’ve recently returned from my trip to the Himalayas and I’ve been telling everyone the exciting yet unexpected set of experiences that I had … what an amazing time. A place full of the contradictions that give life its splendor (see previous post about living on the edge).

When I returned a friend asked me about the trip and then she preceded to say: “well back to the same old boring grind;” with a smile on her face. That comment took me by surprise. I guess of making such a crazy journey, she thought that everything else would be boring.

I asked her: “Are you bored with your life?”, and she answered that she was happy and that everything was calm, so yes, she was bored, but that’s how she wanted it (she’s on the “I need certainty” side of the coin right now … see the post about Concept Duality).

So I guess the question is: “Are you bored yet?”

– Bored with what you’re doing?
– Bored with who you’ve become?
– Bored with who you’re becoming?

If you answered yes to any of the above then maybe it is time to start looking at what you’re doing on a daily basis that’s boring you. And where that behavior will take you in the short term (4 months), the medium term (4 years) and long term (4 decades).

Shake the tree; Rock the Boat; Dance on the uncertainty side of life …

And then see if the following works for you: “I’m scared … but I’m certainly not bored any more”

See you on the wire

– Steven Cardinale

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