Everything Changes

Nov 23, 2011 by

Everything Changes

Sometimes things change

Sometimes it’s different.  Sometimes something is lost.  I’ve always been good with change; with being comfortable being uncomfortable.  But sometimes going from where you are to where you’re going to be can be … spikey.

I was having this talk with a friend of mine: The talk about change.  The talk about how since everything changes around us, but we really can only affect ourselves; what is change really about (see my post on risking everything)?

I’ve been listening to the song “Everything Changes” (http://grooveshark.com/#/s/Everything+Changes/lKNVB?src=5) from the band Staind.

There is a great phrase in the song:

If you just walked away
What could I really say?
Would it matter anyway?
Would it change how you feel?”

So maybe change is not about them, but more about us, since it’s only us that can change.  Maybe it’s about changing our point of view. About adapting to new circumstances.  About thinking anew.

I’m not big on just accepting the status quo, the current circumstances, or accepting something less than amazing, less than memorable.  I tend to fight changes that I don’t think are spectacular.

Change is not about accepting a tomorrow that’s not spectacular, and it’s certainly not about accepting a today that could be so much more effortless (see my entry on being effortless). Maybe change is about moving from where you are today to a tomorrow you’re in control of: your new POV. A new tomorrow that can and will be spectacular.

No questions today – kinda not in the mood – It’s been a spikey few days.

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