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Craft a Fantasy

The Universe is talking to me again. She seems to do that every so often. So apparently she (the Universe is definitely feminine) is presenting me a vision of Fantasy. She is showing me what Fantasy sounds like by playing Earth, Wind & Fire’s Fantasy over and over again (just like she recently did with┬áthe song Amaryllis). On the radio, through Pandora, in Spotify, on my iTunes playlist … basically anywhere she can find a speaker that is plugged directly into my ears and poured into my consciousness.

The very first line: “Every man has a place. In his heart there’s a space. And the world can’t erase his fantasies,” hit me like a ton of bricks. In our hearts beat the fantasies of our true selves as long as we are open to them and not afraid to embrace the fantasies available. I recently have been on a journey towards authenticity. Towards finding the true center of my own story. And towards hand crafting my own fantasy. I’m not sure what the entire picture of my fantasy looks like, but it doesn’t matter because the path of discovery is a fantasy itself. The exploration of what fantasies are open, what I’m open enough to accept, and the joy and excitement of the path are completely filling.

The entire song is filled with metaphor for the exploration of life with the companions of play and joy. The lyrics near the end of the song:

And as you stay for the play
Fantasy has in store for you
A glowing light will see you through
It’s you day, shining day
All your dreams come true

“All your dreams come true.” Sometimes we don’t even know what our dreams are. I know for myself, I have been playing out old unacknowledged, unexamined, unhealed wounds that have closed off my ability to Play with Fantasy. So now it’s time to acknowledge, examine, and heal my origin wounds and allow my dreams to bubble to the surface and truly platy with Fantasy.

So here’s my question: “If you forgive yourself for your past and let go of the old you, your old needs, your old wounds, COULD YOU come up with a fantasy that is so ground shaking that you smile from ear-to-ear just Playing with the idea of Fantasy?” Do it. I dare you. Grab a piece of paper, and write what your real fantasy would look like. No one’s going to read it. It’s only for you. A love letter to yourself as you play with Fantasy. Not a scenario of what you should do. Not a listing of what you think a future version of you should look like, with responsibilities, with the weight of the world, with the old you. But a real playful exploration of what would truly make your soul happy. Just the act of breathing life into a fantasy on paper is magical. Do it. I dare you.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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