Fascinating and Enchanting

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Fascinating and Enchanting

Fascinating Woman

What enticing words … Fascinating … Enchanting.

They drip with excitement, promise, edge. They entice with wonder, discovery, taboo, hypnotism. That moment when you find yourself holding your breath and you’re not exactly sure why. That rush of adrenaline you get when the outcome is uncertain. When you are Fascinated … Enchanted.

And you know it when you see it, when you feel it, when you encounter it. You know deep in your core when that moment of fascination, of enchantment, ignites and you can no longer contain your curiosity and you’re pulled in that direction.

I live for these moments. I suspect we all do. We all desperately crave those moments when up becomes down, when the Noise In Your Head (definitely listen to the song in this post while you’re reading this one and The Noise In My Head post) simply won’t quiet down and you are forced down a new path. A new way of thinking. A new idea, a new relationship, a new moment in time when beyond this nothing will be the same. Everything from now on has the possibility of being fascinating and enchanting.

What are the ingredients of Fascination? What is the recipe for Enchantment? In the TED talk, The Secret to Desire, Esther says the ingredients of desire are imagination, playfulness, novelty, curiosity, mystery. That sounds like the same shopping list for enchantment and fascination. Maybe the main flavors of fascination and enchantment are the same flavors of desire. The desire to feel alive, awake, passionate, engaged.

So here’s my question: “When was the last time you were fascinated and enchanted?” With an idea. With a person. With a place. Do you remember? Can you taste it? Feel it? Smell it? Can you bring that moment to life at will?

Could you, if you really wanted, fascinate and enchant yourself? Could you build a life that fascinates and enchants not just you but everyone around you?

I bet if you are curious enough, you could. You could write a narrative that explodes on to the pages of your world and lights the words on fire. If you let go of all the taboos, the should’s, the I don’t know’s … if you got out of your own way and explored the world, both inside your core and outside the tip of your tongue, you could create … well … I don’t know … isn’t that the whole Raison d’être.

At least that’s my challenge to you. Find fascination, explore enchantment, create wonder, mischief and desire.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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