It’s the distance

Jun 19, 2010 by

It’s the distance

Ok, I’ve got a new favorite band “Five A.M.”  They have a new album called “Raise the Sun” and I heard their song “The Distance” and that song hit me, especially the chorus lyrics:

It’s the distance between you and me
Sometimes the distance is all I see
Sometimes it’s easier to go, easier to leave
Than to cross this distance between you and me

Wow, I’ve been guilty of that one.  Putting distance, physical, emotional, changing priorities, staying busy (see my blog on Harry the Hamster), you name it, between me and someone else.  I’ve put miles upon miles of distance between us, them, me. If what the Buddhists say is true, that there is only Love and Fear, then what am I so afraid of as I lay miles of roadway to get away. It’s obviously my way to bolt as Geneen Roth says in Women Food and GodDistance.

Distance doesn’t have to physical, hell it doesn’t even have to be real (I’m very good at adding another ball to juggle that will add more distance … just stuff I create … not real distance).  It only has to allow me to disconnect, to feel safe being far enough away, far enough to put a barrier up (see my blog on barriers). So as the song says maybe “sometimes it’s easier to go, easier to leave, than to cross this distance” to be vulnerable and be up close, to be close enough to not know what do to, to be close enough to not feel safe.

So here’s my question: “What’s keeping you so far away?  What will it take for you to cross that chasm?” What are you so afraid of that keeps you laying mile after mile of concrete?  If you can just stop for a moment, look that fear right in the eyes, brush it off, maybe you’ll stop adding miles of distance and find love on the other side.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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