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You know the story … the three bears, the empty house …

“This bed is too hard” … “This bed is too soft” … “but THIS bed is JUST RIGHT”

Have you ever had one of those Just Right days? Kind of a Goldilocks experience? A day when everything was … just right? Have you ever know that person, had that gig, been at that place where everything fit like a glove, where it all seemed to be so effortless (see my blog on Effortless)?

I’ve been talking to a bunch of people about Goldilocks days.  About days and times and relationships that fit so well they seem magical, they seem like they really shouldn’t exist, it seems like it’s too easy and finding it just by accident is just too much luck.

But how amazing is it when that serendipity kicks in and you just find something that’s tailor made for you? The French have a phrase for something that fits perfectly “Près du corps“, it means “close to the body.”  Now don’t start telling people that phrase unless you want a whole lot of attention, because it is a very romantic phrase. What’s interesting is that phrase gets Goldilocks moments to a tee. Goldilocks – Just Right – Made to Fit – Tailor Made – Fits Like a Glove – Made Just for Me … Près du corps

So here’s my question: “What would it take to manifest Goldilocks moments?” “What would it take to design a life around Près du corps?”  Could you? Could you only engage when it feels right, when it’s a perfect fit, when it’s so comfortable you’re not willing to take it off? I know we’d all love to live a life like this … but we probably don’t all believe we deserve to live a life like this … so when happens by chance we’re dumbfounded. So if  you believe, just for a moment, that you deserve a Près du corps life, and you’re awake enough to what you really want (self awareness) then maybe just for a moment, you’ll make Près du corps choices and get a glimpse under Goldilocks’ sheets.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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