I believe you

Jun 12, 2010 by

I believe you

So, I’m going through my iPod looking for songs I haven’t heard in a while and I get to Sade. One of her songs “Nothing Can Come Between Us” has a great line in it:

“It’s about faith. It’s about trust”
And I started thinking about faith: Knowing without knowing how you know.
And I started thinking about trust: Letting go to another.

And although I’m a professional skeptic at heart, I’m wondering how many times a day, I just believe … I just combine trust and faith and take a leap. A leap of faith. And as a professional skeptic, when I really look at it, when I really look at how many times in any given day I just trust things will work out, I let myself be vulnerable and just leap … it almost scares me how often I do it:

  • When I get in a car
  • Or a plane
  • In professional relationships
  • In personal relationships

And the more I open up and become vulnerable and just leap, the more people seem to connect to me. Seems the human condition is drawn to an open mind that knows when something is unknowable and just leaps. I’m not talking about the blind faith of dogmatic religion. I’m not talking about the faith of the invisible … nor the faith of trusting a single spirit …

I’m talking about the faith of trusting everything. I know that sounds strange from someone who doesn’t believe. But it fully fits within a skeptic’s vision, I’ll give you an example: when I fly, I’m trusting the pilot, the plane, the airport, other planes, the passengers, security, the electronics, the physics, the engineering. I trust it all will work together seamlessly. I don’t have any other choice. The skeptics option as well as the true believer’s option is to just believe.

So here’s my question: “What or who can you believe in?” Take a look at the people, systems, environments around you and ask yourself what haven’t you been trusting … what/who is trustable … who is worth it … and then just leap.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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