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Do you ever listen to that little voice inside your head? You know, the good one, the one that guides you along the way. The one that is by your side nudging you on your path? Not that nasty inner critic who says all the wrong things. But that sweet lyrical voice that makes you feel safe? Maybe it’s your own voice. Maybe it’s a combination of voices from your past. That’s who I was listening to the other night. The night when a full moon was glistening in the sky like a brilliant jewel.

I was listening to the soundtrack of the movie of “Into the Woods”. I have become so infatuated with that movie lately. I saw the play years ago and saw the movie when it came out. But recently the universe has bubbled up that movie so forcefully that I had to take stock and take notice … I had to Listen to the universe because she was obviously telling me something. So I found the soundtrack and started to listen.

The beautiful finale is “Children Will Listen”


About halfway through the song the lyrics glide into:
Careful the things you say
Children will listen
Careful the things you do
Children will see

Careful before you say
“Listen to me”
Children will listen
Careful the wish you make
Wishes are children


We are all children listening to our inner voice guiding us. All of our wishes are children gazing at us listening for direction.

The very next day a young man knocked on my door. He works for a program that helps disadvantaged youth. I asked him why he was doing this work. He said he had a troubled childhood and in his darkest hour when he had attended another funeral, when he was constrained and bound both in spirit and in body, he heard a voice in the back of his head that said: “Are you listening now?” In that moment, whether the voice that young man heard was the voice of God as he explained to me, or his own internal spirit guiding him along the way, he finally listened and changed course. Listening to that voice put him on new trajectory that took 10 years, but guided him to where he is today, which he describes as home.

So here’s my question: “Are you really listening to your inner voice? Your True North?” Sometimes it’s hard to hear her singing out. Sometimes her voice gets drowned out by all the noise outside. It’s all just noise, remember that. Your inner voice is the true you, the true spirit. Listen to her and silence all the noise from outside and inside your head. That’ll make a difference. So can you? Can you quiet down all the chatter, just for a few moments and tell yourself and maybe the world what you hear, if only for this one moment? It is my sincere wish you can. And my wish is a child listening for you.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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