Love Me Anyways

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Love Me Anyways

Love Me Anyways

We all have the feeling that we are unlovable at times. Even the strongest, most put together of human souls knows the feeling that we might not be wanted. But those feelings are gremlins. Those feelings are illusions. Those feelings are phantoms that hide in the dark recesses of our minds. They’re our own harsh critic coming out to scare the crap out of us in the middle of the night.

Those feeling are not true. They are our ego fully engaged in fight, flight, or freeze mentality.

We know when we are behaving badly. When we’re fully engulfed by our shadow selves. And we all have people in our lives who Love Us Anyways.

What a powerful statement that is. Love Me Anyways. People who love us when we are our most scared. People who love us when we are our most vulnerable. People who love us when we think we are unlovable because we are acting out, or acting cruelly, or basically just being nuts because we’re scared and don’t know which way to go.

I’ve certainly been there. A point when I feel unworthy of love, but someone loves me anyways. And damn it if I don’t try and sabotage that love. But the strong lovely people in my life who love me anyways, still do. They still love me no matter how hard I seem to make it.

I wonder why I do that. Why I try my best to prove that I’m not lovable and behave in ways that are hard to love. Even for me. Maybe I’m testing them to see how strong, true or loyal their love really is. Maybe if it’s hard for me to love myself, then I’ll just make it hard for someone else too. At least that way I can get confirmation that I’m not lovable.

But all of that is an illusion. All of that is not true. All of that is just my gremlins in pure gremlin mode running around trying to keep me scared.

Well I’ve had enough of that. I think I’ll just act lovable from now on. Lovable to myself. Lovable from others. And see what happens.

So here’s my question: “Who in your life will Love You Anyways, even when you are behaving your worst?” Find those people, whether they are your parents, your mate, a lover, your kids, your friends, your dog. You know them. You can identify them. You already realize they are the bright stars in your life. You already understand deep in your heart that your world would be a dimmer place if they faded away. Find them, cultivate them, tell them how much they mean. And Love Them Anyways.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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