Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny

When you think about something; want something so bad; crave for something: Does it come true?

Can you Manifest things out of thin air? Could you Manifest your Destiny if you tried?

I have close friends who are very good at thinking of things and then having them come true. They can manifest all sorts of things; both good and bad. Manifesting is really the art of truly visualizing what you want in your head, then putting yourself there in your heart, then acting (this is what Tony Robbins calls RPM). The path to manifestation is engagement, and action is the key ingredient. This comes straight from my other posts on wishing and desire.

But here’s the thing: Many times we manifest what we’re afraid of. Read that last part again, it’s important. I learned this from a 101 year old great great grandmother. I was in Atlanta working with a doctor and one of the patients was this little old great grandmother. And she told me some of her wisdom from living 101 years. It’s simple wisdom built up over a lifetime that isn’t easy to do. She said: “people desperately want great things, but then they think of rotten things and make them happen. They manifest what their afraid of.”

It’s such a beautifully simple concept. If you’re afraid of getting into a car accident you worry too much about it, hold the wheel too tight, and then BAM!!! you’re in an accident. Have you ever known someone who is afraid of being broke, and then the things they do (or don’t do) keep them broke? Or being afraid of losing someone special and then all they do is push people away?

It’s crazy. Psychologists call it approach/avoidance behavior (as you get closer to getting what you really want you do whatever it takes to avoiding getting it). And it’s human behavior. It’s really our Money Minds (see my various monkey mind posts) coming to the surface, getting into your head, then stealing your heart and taking action into their own hands.

So here’s my question: “What are you afraid of, and what are you doing to manifest that fear?”

  • Is there some destiny that you crave but just can’t seem to get there?
  • Is there someone you should have in your life but can’t seem to figure out how to be close?
  • Is there some state (health, wealth, wisdom) where you know you should be but keep missing the off-ramp?

If your Monkey Mind settled down, you stopped being afraid (really stopped, I’ll have a post on that soon I promise), and you focused on what you want instead of all the things that could go wrong …

Couldn’t you Manifest an Amazing Destiny?

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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