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Everyone wants passion. We want it in our business lives, our romantic lives, our personal lives. Who doesn’t want to be with someone who is passionate? Ask anyone the question: “do you want to be passionate about …?” or “isn’t it cool to be around someone who is passionate about …?” and the answer is always a resounding yes. Of course, since the opposite sounds a little stifled …. “no, I don’t like passionate people, I’d rather live in a calmer less engaged environment.”

But what is passion? I found a great definition in a strange place. A book on financial literacy. I was reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and in it he defines passion as “anger and love combined.” I think that is a great definition. Passion is the volatile chemical combustion of anger and love. So think about it, if we all want passion in our lives then what are we passionate about? What are we so angry that we’ll change things, including our behavior to accomplish?

So here’s the real question:

* “What are you passionate about?”

* “What makes you so angry that it pulls you from your slumber?”

* “What white hot intensity of love drives you?”

Don’t confuse anger, love and passion with fear. They have the same adrenaline rush. The same endorphin high. But they generate very different behaviors and outcomes.

Passion is a drive towards something … Fear is a drive away from something. They feel the same but the end results are very different. If you answer the anger part of the passion equation honestly, you’ll be able to see drive vs. fear.

So what are you passionate about?

Don’t be passionate about being mediocre, comfortable, average. Be passionate about something on the edge. Be angry that you’re not on the edge. Be angry that your breath is not taken away every day. Be passionate about creating something.

See you on the wire.

– Steven Cardinale

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