Rewrite Your Story

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Rewrite Your Story

Rewrite Your Story

We all have stories that we tell ourselves (watch the Rising Phoenix video about The Stories We Tell Ourselves). Ideas that spin in our heads about what is happening, what could have happened, what will happen. But these are just our monkey mind’s spinning comfortable or scary fables that have nothing to do with reality. Our monkey minds love the drama of extremes. Extremes keep us pinned to the wall of our ego and we¬†spin with either glee at the comfortable feeling of an addiction or spin with horror at how bad things could get.


These stories are just figments of our imagination. You can tell because things are all pulled out of proportion. Monsters and bullies are bigger and scarier than if you take a step back and truly think about what could REALLY happen. Think about the thrill of experiencing your old comfortable situations and you’ll realize that they last much longer in your head than in reality.

So just witness these old Stories and ask yourself the question: Whose story is it anyway?

Now it’s time to look at YOUR story. The story of YOUR life. Or the story of your life right now, in the recent past, or in the near future. And start to rewrite it so that you have a conscious plotline for the next chapter of your life.

Will the next chapter be about loss or sorrow? Will it be about strength and resilience? Will it be about rebirth and healing? Will it be about compassion and giving to the world at large? It’s really just a decision you have to make. Actually you DON’T HAVE TO make the decision. You can be passive and let the decision and monkey minds that surround you make the decision for you. But YOU DON’T WANT THAT. You want to be an active participant and direct your life


I know you do. I know you. I know me. We are seeking the clear calmness in the awareness of your story.

So here’s my question: “If you could craft the next few years of your life, what would they be about?” Write that down. Put it on paper. Just the vision, not the specific path. What vision do you have for yourself over the next few years? Is it about helping others? Is it about finding deep meaningful connections with things that matter? Is it about documenting the pain you’ve suffered? Is it about bringing your story and compassion to others? Decide now, so that in the last few days of your life you can look back at this time and say “I Wrote A Beautiful Story”

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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