Right Here Right Now

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Right Here Right Now

It’s this moment that counts. This moment when nothing else exists but you and I and … this. We are taught to live in the present. To manifest and explore the future, to use the past’s building blocks to create our foundation, but not to live in either the Past or the Future, to truly live in the Present.  Tougher than you think, to fully appreciate when you are; to fully embrace this moment. Maybe it’s because this moment is fleeting. The river of our future rushes through us in this moment to become the calm waters of our past; but this moment is fleeting. You almost can’t catch it. You have to decide to just experience it, not think about it, not color it with the wetness of  what will be or what has been otherwise … poof … you’ll miss it.

You literally can’t be thinking about this moment and experience this moment at the same time. Right Now is like so much gossamer, constantly being born and evaporating in the same instant. But we constantly distract ourselves from this moment by reminiscing the past or exploring the future. We need to do both those things, dream of yesterday and manifest tomorrow. It’s the living in yesterday or tomorrow that’s the problem.

Maybe it’s about taking a step away from the present moment and just watching ourselves from a far. Maybe the only way to experience Right Here, Right Now is by disconnecting ourselves to Needing to Experience Right Here, Right Now, and just watch ourselves dip our toes into the river of our lives.

Van Halen had an old song “Right Now” that had some great lyrics:

“Right now, C’mon,it’s everything
Right now, Catch a magic moment, do it
Right here and now, It means everything”

Right here, right now does mean everything. But right now is that gossamer package of yesterday, tomorrow and this moment all wrapped up.

So here’s my question: “How can you get more Right Now Moments into your life without letting go of the astonishing river of your past and the excitement of the rapids of your future?” I’ve been struggling with this lately. Maybe the answer is just intention. Intentionally stepping away from the thinking of Right Now and just experiencing it on purpose. Stepping into the joys of the past when you want, intentionally being curious about where you will go next.

And never forget Right here and now, It means everything.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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