Risking Everything

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Risking Everything
“Sometimes risking everything is the only choice you have”

That’s a quote from the movie “The Air I Breathe“.  Maybe it’s true; maybe you have to take a risk to get what you truly want (see my posts on Likes and Desire) out of life.  Maybe it takes courage to be more amazing tomorrow than you are today. This post is basically an extension of my last post. It’s an exploration of the courage it takes not only to take A risk, but to risk everything … to kill who you are today to become who you need to be tomorrow (see my post about “Who Are You?“) … so you can taste a bit of something truly sweet.

“Risking everything” is a strange concept. I’m not even sure what everything is. What risking it means (does that mean I could lose it, and if I’m afraid to lose it I’m in my monkey mind, see my last post). And what am I risking everything for? I do feel in my chest the need to take big risks.  The need to find the courage to exchange the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the comfortable for the uncomfortable, the commonplace for the extraordinary. Courage is to move on to dangerous paths. Life is dangerous and unpredictable. So you must have the courage to risk it all to fully live life.

So here’s the question: “What one thing would you risk everything to experience?” It’s got to be something that you really want (not like); something that could have a life changing impact on you; something worth risking for; something spectacular.  And why are you afraid to let go and get it?  What fear is stopping you from risking everything? What if you had to have it tomorrow, what would you do? So think about it. How alive would you feel if you could risk everything today for something amazing tomorrow?

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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