Spellbound – Again

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Spellbound – Again


It’s Christmas Eve and I’m reflecting on being spellbound. Those moments that were unanticipated, unescapable, unavoidable and completely captivating.

I adore being enraptured by the unexpected, those experiences that force you to let go of what you expected to happen and fall headfirst down the rabbit hole into an unexpected alternate universe. They are sometimes intimidating at first, but once you are fascinated you can’t help but let the winds of change take you somewhere you never thought possible. It’s the universe opening itself up to you and asking if you’d like to come and play. As kids our answer is always: “Yes, I want to play” but not always as adults. Sometimes as adults we hold ourselves back. Hold ourselves because we think we’re supposed to for some outside reason.

It is with wide-eyed astonishment that I want to play. It is with wide-eyed astonishment that I’m letting go of what I thought would be and sliding into the unlimited possibility of what could be. Benjamin Zander talks about the art of possibility in his TED talk. What does it taste like, smell like, look like, when y0u give yourself the permission to explore a new world.

So, it is with this magic wand I am holding here (ok, it’s a pencil, but stay with me) that I give you full permission to open your eyes, grab on to something astonishing and awaken yourself and the possibility of enchanting awe. We are wired to be in awe, to be so amazed with love and laughter and excitement that the world explodes with wonder.

So here’s my question: “If you really wanted to; could you let go of where you think you’re headed and be spellbound in a completely unexpected direction?” Maybe it’s just once this week. Just once hold your breathe a little longer than you thought possible and let the universe of possibility open up around you, and be spellbound.

I know I will

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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