The Storm in Me

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The Storm in Me

The Storm in Me

There’s a storm brewing in my soul. I can feel it. The winds of change are gusting to Hurricane force levels. Others can feel it too. There’s a static electricity I’m starting to generate around me. Kinda my aura kicking into high gear. People are mentioning it to me both in-person as well as from my online presence and videos. It’s both an exciting as well as a nervous feeling. A storm is good. It brings with it the tides of change. All part of my internal journey.


The Devil Whispers<br /> "You can't withstand the storm"<br /> The Warrior replied<br /> "I AM the storm"

The Devil Whispers
“You can’t withstand the storm”
The Warrior replied
“I AM the storm”


I adore this quote. It represents the warrior’s strength to handle adversity and challenges even those thrown from the darkest place. Both the Aggressive Warrior and the Peaceful Warrior, who are in reality wound up tightly in the same body. It is a shift in perspective from an outcome, like: “I’m strong enough to handle the storm”, or “the storm is going to ruin me,” to process … “the storm doesn’t exist or affect me, because, I AM.”

This is the mood I get into as I shift through a metamorphosis. A rebirthing of an aspect of my persona. I don’t know exactly which aspect, or what the final end point of the storm will look like, but that’s the trilling part. The ride into the storm knowing the rainbow will appear on the other side. This intensity of mine can be intimidating at times and can bring up frightening emotions for some, but the ferocity of the storm is really the only way to engage with life on any significant or authentic level. I had a chance to watch Susan David’s TED talk entitled “The gift and power of emotional courage” which specifically discusses the need for emotional courage to be around a stormy personality like mine at these times.  And coupling with others that have the courage to explore both mine as well as their own storms is my current quest. A vision quest of sorts with its own winds of change.

Have you ever felt this? Maybe you’re feeling it now? Maybe you desperately want to feel it, but haven’t given yourself permission to power your own internal storm?

So here’s my question: “What storm could you whip up that would change your trajectory?” What old patterns would you have to stop to give yourself permission to allow the winds of change to spin up like a tornado? Is the calm weather patterns of your current or past life limiting your ability to charge your atmosphere with enough electricity that a lightning strike is imminent? I know these are tough big-picture questions that just by asking them will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on edge with static electricity. But they are the only questions that will change you, move you from the calm weather of your current situation to see the rainbow after the storm.

And my desire for you is that you find the curiosity and courage to light something in your life on fire and walk headlong into the storm.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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