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Technicolor RainbowI don’t know if you’ve ever experienced it. True color. Visual vibrations so bright that everything shifts. Blues so brilliant they shimmer off the water. Rambunctious Reds; Golds that make your breath hitch; and Chocolate Browns so deep they melt into puddles on your tongue.

I’m not talking about colors you can see. I’m talking about the colors of your life. The colors of your expression; The colors of experience.

Recently I’ve had the chance to experience grey. You know that grey: The grey of an anesthetized life. It’s kind of a corporate color, almost a uniform of modern society. A drab mixture of duty, social constructs, should’s and would’s with just a pinch of gotta make it happens. It’s a grey we’re all used to. It colors our world from the inside out. Makes everything look less … appetizing.

But then a shift happened: Partially conscious, partially driven by the winds of fate, partially

a desperate hunger in myself to start tasting the passion in life again.

And the conscious piece was less about a drive towards color and more of an awareness of how I refuse to live life without dipping it in color. An awareness of a moment when I understood how to really bite into the tomato of life and have it drip red ripe color down my chin.

So here’s my question: “Are you living in Technicolor?” If so enjoy it. Embrace it. Taste it. Get your tongue wet with it. When did you start tasting in color? Do you remember the moment? Don’t let that moment go.

And if you’re still in black, white and grey, here’s the challenge: What would you have to do to let your world explode in color? Who would you have to meet, where would you have to go, what would you have to do? Close your eyes and imagine for a moment … then let yourself go there and take a …

Big bright colorful bite out of life.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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