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It’s 2 am and everything is quiet. At the bar in a tiny little town, with nothing but the sound of the keys on the computer as I type away. Here is where the ghosts lay down and the moments of the day stir around me. Here is where my dreams explode into a Technicolor display of fire and ice.  Here is where I finally let go enough to realize I am desperately thirsty.

You’ve been here too. Our own personal 2am when everything is quiet and your mind finally sleeps enough that the real you has a chance to break through the clutter.

You’ve been here too; when you thirst for something: Something to quell that desperate longing for a hot fire. That thirst for something more than the tangible daily routine. That thirst for to taste the astonishing. That thirst outside yourself where you can truly expand your humanity and be something more than who the daily routine demands of you.

I know you’ve felt it. You’re as parched as me for the indescribable wine of life. And at 2 am you can’t take it , the desire has built up, and you’re finally ready to crush some grapes and make the wine of your life.

Do it. The universe demands you to do it. To be bigger than you have been in your past: To dare to take the first step: To live, to love, to excite, to risk, to challenge yourself to be something more than you’ve become.

So here’s my question: “What can you do to keep that thirst alive?” Not just a 2 am whim to explore the unexplored, but a way to stay parched and salivating for the next part of your life.  Can you? Every day try for 30 seconds to remember your 2 am thirst.  If you can, maybe you’ll wake up at the bar one day so far from where you where that you don’t know how you got here, drinking from life’s cup.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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