What If

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What If

I’ve been thinking about how the universe speaks when she wants you to hear. What if I listened? I guess I’m seeing all sorts of indications around me during my spiritual journey. There are all sorts of pathways opening up. So many different options, so many different possibilities, and I’m not sure which path to take.

Have you ever felt that? I’m sure you have, I guess we all have. So many different paths that we can take. But which one? How do I know if this path that I choose is the right path, or if this is just an old path that I’m used to? A path that I’ve walked before, lets me relive my old patterns, but doesn’t fulfill my true destiny or vision? Or maybe it is a path that I will learn an important lesson from. Maybe it’s a path I’ve never taken before and then I can grow from this path.

OMG so many choices, so many different roads to choose, and What If I make the wrong choice? Well, we’re all human, at least I am, and we all choose a direction. Some directions lead down a completely different road, some circle back on themselves and you get another chance to walk down a street you’ve been before but this time with new eyes, some zig, zag, take you into dangerous territory and then drop you square in the middle of Los Angeles with no map but filled with the delight of adventure.

The real question is are you on this road of your own accord? Or did you somehow get here by driving with your eyes closed? And if you are here by accident, can you open your eyes to where you are going next? That’s a tough one since really taking the road less traveled, the paths we aren’t comfortable with, the directions that truly get us nervous and scare us is something we’re not particularly good at. Unfamiliar territory can be shaky and feel ungrounded, but that is where all the juice of life is. Going places that seem scary matters. Courage matters. It’s what will make the difference to your life’s path.

So here’s my question: “What if you could make choices with intention, with awareness. What type of choices COULD you make if you wanted to?” What if your next choice takes your life in a direction of YOUR choosing, rather than just going along for the ride, what would the future hold then? What if you could walk your next chapter with complete courage and vulnerability knowing you are a perfectly imperfect person. Could you think to yourself “What If I did …” and truly see how that could CHANGE EVERYTHING. What If you weren’t afraid of your next few choices, made intentionally, going down a strange path doing things you never thought possible. What If it was all up to you?

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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