When you wish upon a star

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When you wish upon a star

I have a small black bag filled with powder, well more like dust really.  A magic kind of dust squeezed from the wings of pixies and fairies.  A quick pinch of dust liberally sprinkled over your hair and viola … you now get one wish.  You can have anything you want, but only one thing, and only for one night.  What would you wish for?  If you could have/do/experience just one thing before your old clock runs out, what would it be?

It’s an interesting question.  Mostly because you only get it for one day, one night, one rotation of the Earth.
You can wish for riches, but they’ll evaporate at midnight.  And what would you buy anyways … for a day.
You can wish for fame, but you turn back into Cinderella … or Cinderfella … when the clock strikes 12.

Those surface pleasures just seem unimportant when you’ve only got 24 hours to go.
If you’re ill, you’d probably wish to be well, just for a day.
If you miss someone you’d probably wish they were back in your life, if only for a day.
If there was one decision in your life you could re-live, you’d probably think differently, if only for that turn of the clock.

So here’s my question: “Can you live tomorrow, and take one quick moment, one quick breath, and wish upon a star?”  Can you take today and see if there’s something you’re going to wish for many years from now, when you really only have 24 hours left, and not just wish upon a star, but rather make that dream come true?

See you on the wire.

— Steven Cardinale

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