World History

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World History

We are MADE of our history. The events of our past color how we see the present moment. How we responded to those events has colored our glasses and the way we see the world. It’s not truth we see … just a reflection of our history played on the lenses of our history’s frames.

We may be made of our history, but listen carefully … We are NOT our history.

Let me say that again. We are MADE from our history, but who we are, who we can be … IS NOT our history.

The difference sounds slight, and the syntax IS slight but the difference itself is HUGE.

Our history, and specifically how we have viewed, responded, and let other’s history’s mold us is in the past. And sometimes we take those histories and hold on to them for far too long.

These histories color the way we see the world. You remember those historical moments. Almost set in as much stone as world events, those moments when you came to see things in a certain light. The teacher that said you couldn’t and you decided they were right. The decision to buy into social contracts about your career, the opposite sex, where you live, what you do.

Take off your rose-colored history glasses and smash them to the ground. Release the shackles of your past: How you used to respond to the world. Let go of your preconceived notions. Those notions are the past you. The present you has so much more to offer. And the next best version of you is being born right now.

It’s all about the moment: That’s not to say be hedonistic and only live for now without any thought about the future. The future rushes in, peeks in the present for just a moment, and flows quickly to our past. So our future history has all the ingredients of a present now to come.

What does this all mean? It means that your World History is the foundation of who you are, but who you CAN become is under your spell.

So here’s my question: “What does the world look like when you remove the tint of your history and see clearly?” Do you see things differently? Does the universe offer up so much more than you expected? Can you even tell when you are wearing your history goggles?

So here’s my challenge: Look at your foundation, your history, the bricks of your past, and see which ones really support you and which ones have you stuck in the same old patterns, the same hold blueprint, the same old path, and DROP THOSE BRICKS.  How will you know which ones to drop? Touch, taste, lick and smell each brick and see if it still makes you happy; gives you a thrill; engages you.  If not maybe those are the ones to go.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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