You are so beautiful to me

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You are so beautiful to me

Remember that old Joe Cocker song … “You Are So Beautiful” …

I was having dinner with my sister a little while back, and it struck me how truly beautiful she is … I hadn’t seen her in that light for a while … I’d seen her as mom to my niece and nephew, wife, sister … all the other labels.  So I told her how wonderful she looked.

And that got us talking about beauty, and style, and attractiveness.  The restaurant we were in was dripping with style (Beso Hollywood … you have to try it) and sexy patrons. Plenty of young sexy women and men, but only a few truly beautiful … my sister being one.

What’s the difference between sexy and beautiful?  I think my sister hit it … it’s sensuality … it’s inner beauty.  She said she recently got to spend some time with Lee Meriwether … remember the original cat woman.  Definitely beautiful and a sex symbol for the time.  But my sister says every time she sees her she is more beautiful.  Older, yes, but more beautiful.  And it’s mostly because she is sensual through and through.

So maybe it is sensuality that ignites beauty.  We’ve all seen sexy creatures without sensuality burnout like so much spark after a firecracker.  As a friend of mine says “beauty is transitory.” But as we get older it’s that sensuality, that inner glow, that true comfort with your humanity, that connectedness with yourself/others/your body/your spirit that drives true attraction, true beauty.  And even the young beautiful people of Hollywood can see it.  I’ve seen them pass by a superficial beauty to connect with an amazingly sensual spirit.

Here’s my question: “When was the last time you truly looked at someone and saw how beautiful they were … and then told them?”  You might knock them off their feet, tip them off-balance, make them stop and listen for a moment … if so, good.  And by the way, that someone could be you.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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