Your Story

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Your Story

It’s all about the tale to be told: About the stories of your life.

Do you know your story? If you sat down right now and had to write out where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, who you’ve touched … would you be satisfied?

Maybe it’s enough: Your story up to this point. But if you have spent any time reading this blog I intuit that you’re up for more. That the story of your life may have had some ups and downs, but you are not even close to finished with your rock-and-roll ride.

We don’t usually think about our life’s story until it ends, until we’re near the end and we look back, sometimes soulfully, sometimes regretfully, at the circumstances that accidentally crossed our doorstep. But what if there was another way: A way not to accidentally allow your story to unfold, but a way to consciously curate your next chapters.

What if you could live a designed life, a consciously curated life, a life so full of wonder that it takes even your own breath away? Would you? Could you?

I recently had the chance to spend an evening with a few rambunctious college students. And you know what, this group has no boundaries. They don’t understand the word no, or live within the confines of their predecessor’s societal norms. They are brilliant in their ability to desperately need to handcraft their own stories.

Along with my rambunctious college kids I was wondering the streets of NYC and had the chance to see stories unfold through the restaurant windows, the displays of shops, and the bustle and hum of New York. And you know what, it turned a spring in me, a hunger to consciously write my next chapter. The city can do that to do … make you hungry.

So here’s my question: “What would it take for you to shed your current writing style and re-write your world?” I know it’s scary, and nerve wracking, and … and … thrilling.  Tell me … what’s your next chapter about.

See you on the wire

— Steven Cardinale

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